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MODEL: 2436P

This family size cooker will do it all. It has a 24 x 36 cooking surface that's just right for the large or small family. It comes with a large thermometer. And with the variable regulator, you can keep it at the temperature you want it, up to 550 degrees. One 20# propane bottle will last 20+ hours at 350 degrees. That's an awful lot of cooking time. We put a SS burner on one end of the cooker so you can keep your beans hot or even fry fish. We build it with 12 gauge SS & put four wheels on it to make it easily portable. When you cook on this cooker, you don't have to stand over it and worry about burning your food. Stainless steel construction makes it durable and long lasting in ALL climates.


 I have shipped CARTER'S COOKERS as far north as Canada! They tell me they use them year round!

MODEL: 2448P

This family size cooker will do it all. It has a 24 x 48 cooking surface that's just right for any size family. You can smoke up to eight turkeys (12 to 15 lbs.)or cook as little as one hamburger. One 20# propane bottle gives you approx. 20 hours of cooking time. It has a burner on one end for you to fry or boil. Four wheels make it easily portable.



The cooking surface of this trailer mounted unit is 24 x 48. You can cook a 110 lb. pig on this cooker with our custom pig stand. This CARTER'S COOKER will smoke eight turkeys or enough chicken to feed a small army! It is very economical to operate, so you can even cook one hamburger if you like. This CARTER'S COOKER is ideal for home use, but also has the capability of being towed to any sporting or family event where you are sure to be the envy of everyone! We mount two burners on the trailer in a wind resistant box. Each burner is rated at 45,000 BTUs. There is also room for two 48 qt coolers on the trailer!

*Note: Gas bottles sold separately



MODEL: 3648T

This medium size cooker has a 36 x 48 cooking surface. It will cook anything you throw on it! This is our basic trailer mounted unit. We've built this model for major food store chains such as Piggly Wiggly, who use it to cook outdoors for their customers. The stores are having great success with this one!

*Note: Gas bottles sold separately



These are built with 12 gauge stainless steel and are top of the line. These CARTER'S COOKERS are complete with everything needed except food and propane*. Call 803-955-4662 for more information.

*Note: Gas bottles sold separately

Price: $5,550.00*

MODEL: 3660T

This CARTER'S COOKER measures 36 x 60 inches INSIDE! It is hand built from 12 gauge Stainless Steel with a stainless steel trailer also (no painting required). The cooker has a 3" thermometer and two 20 lb. propane tanks. The trailer is equipped with 13" chrome wheels. Call 803-955-4662 for more information.



This unit is BIG! The cooking surface is 36 x 60 . With our handcrafted pig stands you can cook two pigs at once. That's right...TWO PIGS!! The trailer has two burners mounted in a stainless steel wind resistant box. The burners are 45,000 BTUs each which allows you to fry or boil. There is room for your coolers on the trailer or you can have a storage box mounted. This unit is a favorite among caterers! We build this unit for car dealerships, rental shops, grocery store chains, caterers and anyone else looking to do a little extra for their customers or employees!

*Note: Gas bottles sold separately



The Mini Caterer is ideal for small catering needs. It consists of one 3648 CARTER'S COOKER on the rear of the trailer,one 2448 CARTER'S COOKER on the front and a burner box on the opposite side with two stainless steel burners. We include an insert, and 3 water pans in this unit so you have a steam table to serve hot food. This unit is awesome! We only handcraft what we would use personally. Our equipment is top of the line! The one thing that we do not want, nor will have, is a dissatisfied customer! Our business is based on word of mouth and we go to great lengths to give our customers the best CARTER'S COOKER money can buy. We're not happy until you're happy!


 MODEL:Super Mini-Caterer

This unit has it all, 3648 on the rear, 2460 on the front,
water tank that holds 25 gallons, storage box and a two
burner box with extra burners in case you want a griddle. 



This unit is the average Caterer's delight. It consists of one 3660 and one 2460 cooker. It has a burner box on the front which has three SS burners to cook your beans, etc. This unit comes with an insert and 4 water pans to convert the 2460 to a steam table so you can keep your food hot while serving. 

The trailer is a tandem axle for easy towing. It is handcrafted with stainless steel and never requires painting. This is an awesome unit! I know...because I handcrafted one for my own personal use!



This is our ULTIMATE CATERING MACHINE! You get a 36 x 60 cooker, two 24 x 60 cookers and three burners for pots. You can cook two pigs (110# ea.) on the 36 x 60 cooker, while you cook chicken or anything else you want on the 24 x 60 cookers. The 36 x 60 cooker will smoke 18 turkeys that weigh about 20 lbs. each. We build a heavy duty, tandem axle trailer and then we mount the cookers. We mount our pot burners in a wind resistant box. We build the 24 x 60 cookers and mount one on each side at the front of the trailer. We build an insert frame to go in them so you can remove the regular cooking surface and use the cooker as steam tables. This enables you to serve hot food anywhere! We put a stainless steel shelf on the front on the 24 x 60 cookers so your customers can have a place to set their plates while they serve themselves. 




On the 36 x 60 cooker we put a stainless steel shelf on each side for the cooks convenience. I have used this unit to feed parties of 600 people. This unit is real impressive when you pull into your location, open the cookers and have hot food ready to serve.

Optional Accessories

Call CARTER'S COOKERS @ 803-955-4662












*** Due to the fluctuating cost of stainless steel, prices are subject to change without notice. ***